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My works' focus is fine art abstract mixed media and photography. I emphasize color and texture, sculpt off the panel, and use a wide variety of quality, archival materials and techniques. My inspiration drives me to continuously experiment and break new ground.


After my early childhood in North Carolina and Ohio I've spent most of my life in Wisconsin and Minnesota and am currently based in the Milwaukee area.  Before delving into abstract mixed media I spent years with film photography (see my Instagram). Through this I learned to appreciate the play of light and color, the importance of composition, and believe it or not interesting aspects of working in 3 dimensions.  While attending the University of Minnesota my art evolved through film photography, figurative graffiti, and oils. Following graduation I chose the road less traveled to pursue my dream of creating visual art. My work is born from a reinforcing blend of passion, technique and innovation which build upon each other and continually evolve.


I hope something I've done speaks to you in some way ... if it does then drop me a note, I'd love to hear about it!


Artist at work with large abstract mixed media piece
Green textured abstract mixed media artwork

I started working three dimensionally while still immersed in film photography. I learned a historic photographic printing process called Carbon Printing from the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY. The process leaves mounds of gelatin deposited on the surface forming a relief of hills and valleys. Once washed away the hills become shadows in the image, and the valleys form the highlights.

With a taste for artistic sculpting from photography and an urge to try something new, I ended up gravitating towards using oil paint and painting extremely impasto. That morphed into mixed media using glue to actually propel outward away from the panel with various structure including chain, washers and ball bearings. This diverse and intense journey has led me to refine my process, technique, and style ... and the journey continues!  

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Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my work!

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