large 4' x 5' mixed media abstract art textured surface with colors of green, aqua, gold and lavender

Celeste #21 (48 x 60 in.)

My series Celeste is named after my niece and the first piece was created on the day she was born. The series conveys celestial, universal and other worldly emotions. I incorporate a wide variety of materials to create 3d structures giving depth, complexity and uniqueness to each piece.

Size: 48 x 60 x 1.75 in. (2,880 sq. in.)

Substrate: Linen wrapped Wood Panel - edges of wood panel are finished and the art is ready to hang

Materials: Acrylic Paint, Applied Canvas, Metal Washers, Chrome Ball Bearings, Archival Tissue Paper, Gossamer, Lace, Resin Sand, Glass Bead Medium, Blended Fiber Medium, White Flake Medium, Gesso, Marble Powder, Metal Wire, Sand, Gloss Medium

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staging courtesy of freepik

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